Aerial Firefighting Humanitarian Award

A special international Aerial Firefighting Humanitarian Award has been created to recognise the philanthropic generosity of the Walton Family Foundation.  In February 2017 Chile's military and civil firefighters were combating the worst forest fires Chile had ever seen.  The Global SuperTanker was deployed to Chile only due to the cost being underwritten through a generous donation from Fundaciόn Viento Sur of the Walton Family Foundation, which was made possible by Lucy Ana, herself of Chilean descent, and her husband Ben Walton. 


The mission and was highly effective and its efforts were well received by the people of Chile. A local official credited the SuperTanker with saving five firefighters and a village on the verge of being overrun by quickly-spreading fire. The wildfires had already destroyed over 900,000 acres of land and 1,100 homes since that January.


While deployed the Global SuperTanker set a world record for liquid dropped in a single day by an aerial tanker at 134,400 gallons (508,000 liters). 


Its work continues through the support of the Chile-based Luksic Family. GSTS and its Colorado Springs-based crew have worked closely with the Chilean military and other government officials and personnel to respond to the areas hit hardest and in the direct path of quickly-spreading wildfires.


This special award was accepted by a representative on behalf of the Walton Family Foundation at the Aerial Firefighting Conference Dinner at the McClellan's Aerospace Museum in Sacramento.