4 - 5 March 2020
Sacramento, CA, USA

AFFNA 2020

Aerial Firefighting North America 2020 Agenda

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Aerial Firefighting North America 2020 Agenda

  1. 20 mins
  2. 20 mins
  3. 30 mins
  4. 30 mins
  5. 20 mins
    Aerial firefighting is fraught with challenges to safety and logistics, all in the name of providing air support to the firefighters who depend on us to be successful.  These common phrases and questi ...
  6. 20 mins
    FF Technologies, Inc. uses our proprietary magnetic technology, “FF magnetic pipe” to mix principal ingredients and to produce Flying Firefighter™ Solutions. 800 mil or 0.8 liter of Flying Firefighter ...
  7. 30 mins
    Night firebombing utilising night vision imaging systems (NVIS) is not new in the world, it is well established in many agencies particularly in the United States; however it had previously never been ...
  8. 10 mins
    Ground patterns of liquid aerial drops for combating wildfires are characterized by a large variety of length, width and coverage level mainly depending in the operating conditions and the performance ...
  9. 20 mins
  10. 40 mins
  11. 30 mins
    Babcock adopts the approach of acquiring the “best in class” product when it comes to Aerial Firefighting. The critical mass of Pilots has an overall experience of 20 years in the business and the los ...
  12. 10 mins
  13. 30 mins
    The Global Wildfire Information System (GWIS) is a web map service initiative developed by the European Union, NASA, and the international community, and is supported by various organizations includin ...
  14. 30 mins
    Over the last four years the world has experienced unprecedented large, extended and complex wildfire situations in all continents. The outcomes of the 7th International Wildland Fire Conference, whic ...
  15. 20 mins
  16. 20 mins
    In April of 2019, Conair opened our Level D RJ85 flight simulator facility (shown below) which enables us to train all of our RJ85 aircrew to OEM, Transport Canada and FAA standards. The simulated env ...
  17. 60 mins
  18. 20 mins
  19. 30 mins
  20. 30 mins
    Presentation will focus on the use and configuration of military aircraft for aerial firefighting.  We will cover a brief history of military aircraft use in aerial firefighting focusing on how they h ...
  21. 20 mins
    In this presentation, Mr. Bergeron will outline the advantages related to aerial firefighting with amphibious aircraft, with a focus on the famous CL-415 and the next generation, Viking 515.  After 50 ...
  22. 20 mins
    Today’s long-term fire retardants are the safest, most effective and most environmentally friendly products ever produced.  As wildland fire issues expand around the world, it is critical to understan ...











  • Best conference in the US yet.
    DynCorp International LLC
  • Excellent conference. Great opportunity to network. Presenters provided great content. I will continue to attend
    Ventura County Fire
  • After 7 events hosted by Tangent Link, this is one of the best
    Global SuperTanker Services