02. May 2018
Simplex Aerospace is the world’s leading developer of rotorcraft aerial firefighting systems with over 30 models operating worldwide today. Mark Zimmerman, President and CEO of Simplex Aerospace told Alan Warnes, “Our proven development capability provides battle tested low risk solutions for aerial suppression equipment.”
01. May 2018
Over 90 FireBoss aircraft have so far been delivered since the aircraft was certified in 2006. The magical 100th sale is expected in the fourth quarter according to the FireBoss’ Global Sales Director, Steve Johnson.
30. April 2018
Conair is a world leader in specialty aircraft operations, delivering a comprehensive range of purpose-engineered, aerial firefighting, multi-role aircraft and services worldwide. The Canadian company manufactures modified RJ85 and Q400MR aircraft for use in aerial firefighting and transporting people/cargo in support of emergency response operations.
28. April 2018
Columbia Helicopters has over 50 years of aerial firefighting with its fleet of heavy-lift helicopters. The fleet can deploy to fires with the SEI Torrentula 2,600 gallon (9,850 litres) Bambi Bucket on the Columbia Model 234 Chinook or the Simplex Fire Attack Systems (FAS) on the Columbia Model CH-47D Chinook. The latter has a 2,800 gallons (10,600 litres) capacity. Columbia’s Santiago Crespo, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing, spoke to Alan Warnes about the company’s...
25. April 2018
“It takes 15 S-2s or five C-130s to drop the same load as our Boeing 747.” Global SuperTanker’s CEO, Jim Wheeler explained, adding “and when you are dropping over a million gallons, the SuperTanker is up to $6 a gallon cheaper. You also have to consider how many pilots it would take to fly 15 S-2s or 5 C130s. Consider how many landings, take offs and fueling along with the congestion it would take in the air to support additional aircraft.
24. April 2018
Alan Warnes talks to Ivan Pupulidy, Director of Innovation and Organizational Learning at the US Forest Service (USFS). In a previous life, as a pilot, he flew a bit over 10,000 hours with the USCG, USAF and USFS.
14. March 2018
A special international Aerial Firefighting Humanitarian Award has been created to recognise the philanthropic generosity of the Walton Family Foundation. In February 2017 Chile's military and civil firefighters were combating the worst forest fires Chile had ever seen. The Global SuperTanker was deployed to Chile only due to the cost being underwritten through a generous donation from Fundaciόn Viento Sur of the Walton Family Foundation, which was made possible by Lucy Ana, herself of Chilean...
12. March 2018
Tangent Link’s bi-annual Aerial Firefighting North America Conference opened its doors today, after a two year break, with a deep-learning experience.
12. March 2018
An impressive display of 15 aircraft took place on Monday afternoon, outside of DynCorp hangar at Sacramento McClellan Airport . They ranged from two AT-802 Fire Boss from Air Spray all the way up to the Global SuperTanker Boeing 747.
28. February 2018
Alan Warnes investigates the choices both the US Forest Service (USFS) and CAL FIRE have when it comes to fighting the big fires.

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