22 - 23 March 2022
Town and Country Resort 
500 Hotel Circle North 
San Diego, CA 92108 

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Conference Programme 2022

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Conference Programme 2022

  1. In his program, Chief Hawkins will discuss the safe and effective implementation of the uncrewed aerial vehicles in the Fire Traffic Area, and the benefits to the fire aviation community.
  2. A comprehensive response to the nation’s growing wildfire crisis demands new and refreshed approaches that elevate and optimize collaborations, strategies and technologies. Bridger Aerospace is making ...
  3. From enhancing intelligence gathering abilities to issuing public alerts, warnings and evacuation orders, this discussion will review new operational strategies and investments being made in Californi ...
  4. What it means to have the Twin Otter, CL215/215T & 415 and Dash 8 all under the iconic De Havilland banner, and how to leverage their full potential as Aerial Fire Fighting Systems.

  5. Amentum Aviation is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor for Aerial Firefighting North America 2022.  Our presentation will serve not only as an introduction of our company, its heritage, and distinct capab ...
  6. Long-term fire retardants were introduced nearly 60 years ago and have continually evolved to address the challenges of longer, more intense wildfire seasons. In this presentation, Perimeter Solutions ...
  7. QRF resources include: Two (2) Type 1 Very-Large Helitankers (CH47) One (1) Type 1 Helitanker (S61) One (1) Type 3 Helicopter (S76) One (1) Mobile Retardant Base The multi-helitanker QRF, with its ele ...
  8. This presentation will highlight differences in capabilities of the Type I S-70i CAL FIRE Hawk and it’s predecessor, the UH-1H Huey. Additionally, I will showcase the trajectory of the CAL FIRE Hawk program – training model, NVG operations, training and incorporation of the Front-Seat Captain (non-pilot) into an aircraft traditionally built for two pilots, and safety mitigation.

  9. Introduction to the Fire Boss, an Amphibious Water-Scooping Aircraft designed for rapid initial attack of wildfires in remote locations and its cost-effective operation.  
  10. The continual surge in wildfire activity in the western United States has seen a proportional increase in the amount of retardant that’s required to keep fires at bay. Now, with tens of millions of ga ...
  11. CAL FIRE faced the challenges of early wildfire detection, the ability to adequately dispatch the most appropriate response, and the ability to better predict the wildfire’s path, especially given Cal ...
  12. The presentation will cover the National Weather Service fire weather program including fire weather forecasts (spot forecasts) for wildfires and prescribed burns, online NWS tools for weather monitor ...
  13. For over five decades, the US Department of Agriculture and US Department of the Interior have been requesting and receiving Department of Defense (DoD) supplemental firefighting support in the form o ...
  14. The presentation will cover: Why military helicopters are used in the San Diego region. The history behind their use. The program development. The legalities of when they can be used. The final decisi ...
    • Implementing new programs into aerial firefighting operations.
    • Expanding operational capabilities within programs.




  17. Fire season 2021 in Greece was the most difficult fire season we have to face since 2007. It gave us 13 extreme wildfire events, 3 of them at the same day and burned more than 115.000 hectares. EU has ...











  • Best conference in the US yet.
    DynCorp International LLC
  • Excellent conference. Great opportunity to network. Presenters provided great content. I will continue to attend
    Ventura County Fire
  • After 7 events hosted by Tangent Link, this is one of the best
    Global SuperTanker Services